Miss Renée

Helping you heal you: mind, energy, body and spirit.

 am a born empath as well as a professional tarot card reader and spiritual astrologer of 21 years. I'm also a newly certified Reiki energy balancer -though I have been running energy in a second nature way my entire life - and a current student of hypnotherapy and past life regression.

 I believe that knowing what you need to heal yourself is innate. However, in every life there are times along your journey where you can begin to feel you've lost connection to this part of yourself.  These are the times when you can greatly benefit from the insight, tools, and skill of one who can help you facilitate  reconnection with your higher self, your life path, your greatest good.  I am a grounded, earthy, practical channel of information, an energy conduit, and this is what I do. 


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*VENUS represents our social/romantic needs; how we woo and would like to be wooed.
*MARS represents our desires/wants; how our engines are naturally revved and how we'd like a partner to "flip our switch".

So, how does your spirit need to be wooed? What do you want from a partner that will make AWWWWLLL them blankets and sheets end up on the floor? ;)

You'd be surprised how simply knowing your Venus and Mars placements and what they are asking of you can help you:
*balance their energies
*have come to Jesus/Oprah moments about how and why your 'picker' has sometimes been painfully 'off'
*lead to having a much easier time identifying partners that ACTUALLY FIT AND SATISFY YOU. 

If you're already partnered, then better knowing these aspects of yourself can lead to some incredibly deep clarity that smooths troubled waters, or brings even greater depth of feeling and connection in a relationship running smoothly. 

This is a fun, informative, at times deep, and at all times sexy and absolutely R-RATED workshop. Get ready for me! ;) 
Sliding Scale $20-$10 CASH only please.

*Either a print out of your birthchart OR have it already up on your laptop/cell phone
*use Astro.com ...its free :)
*Do your absolute best to find out your time of birth! It will not be as accurate a reading without it. If you were adopted, or for other reasons can't get access to your time of birth, use 12:00 midnight (though again, the chart as a whole will be inaccurate, but it will still tell us what signs your Venus and Mars are in.)