Miss Renée

Helping you heal you: mind, energy, body and spirit.

 am a born empath as well as a professional tarot card reader and spiritual astrologer of 21 years. I'm also a newly certified Reiki energy balancer -though I have been running energy in a second nature way my entire life - and a current student of hypnotherapy and past life regression.

 I believe that knowing what you need to heal yourself is innate. However, in every life there are times along your journey where you can begin to feel you've lost connection to this part of yourself.  These are the times when you can greatly benefit from the insight, tools, and skill of one who can help you facilitate  reconnection with your higher self, your life path, your greatest good.  I am a grounded, earthy, practical channel of information, an energy conduit, and this is what I do. 



What is Reiki?

Are you starting to suffer from long term stress?  Feeling off kilter?  Trying to "reset" after a break-up/separation, trauma, depression?  It may be time for a Reiki session.  Reiki is energy work done via the healing energy emitted from the hands that is a safe, gentle, non-invasive healing technique. It is performed by my use of a series of hand positions placed on or close to your body. I can help you sever "love cords" from a break-up / divorce, remove blockages to your energy system and rebalance your chakra centers. Reiki  is powerful all on its own, but it is also synergistic with medical treatments as it stimulates the body's own natural healing process. It reduces stress, pain, and promotes deep relaxation. A reiki session is 1 hour long.

Price: $75  (I am currently on hiatus with Reiki as I am taking advanced courses and am focusing on being a student of it rather than a practitioner for now.)

What to expect: 

You will be cleansed with Sage when you enter.  Please let me know in advance if you are sensitive to smoke or scent.  I will ask you if there is a particular area (physical, emotional, psychological) that you'd like me to focus on during our hour together.  You will lie down, fully clothed on the  massage table and I will go over each chakra center with a pendulum, observing the current state of each. Throughout the hour I will do a series of hand positions over your body from your head to your feet, removing blockages and aligning your energy field.  I utilize the healing energy of stones / crystals by laying them on or near you.  I utilize the healing energy of sound from a set of tuning forks.  At times I may ask you a question, have your repeat a mantra, or I might share some channeled information.

Physically, clients tell me they have experienced sensations of floating, heat  or cool and electricity. Sometimes I may be working, for instance, on your left hip, but you feel sensations all the way down your leg to your toes.  Some people become momentarily overwhelmed with the need to weep (which I wholeheartedly encourage) or to talk about a random memory that seems to desire expression.

After your session:   I like to contact clients 48 hours after their session  because it is typical for their to be a mild healing crisis within the first 24 hours.  If your body is particularly sensitive it may happen the day of your treatment.  What is a healing crisis?  Well, we are removing blockages, aligning your chakras and raising your energetic vibrations - that is some real work. Work done on the energy body also affects the physical body, but the results are typically pretty mild: You may need to drink a lot of water to help flush released toxins. Some people have one big - or a series of little - bowel movement as your body literally clears itself out.  Some people are bit weepy ... how you react depends on your own body chemistry.  The great news?  The next day feels feels like a magical combination of light, grounded and centered.