Miss Renée

Helping you heal you: mind, energy, body and spirit.

 am a born empath as well as a professional tarot card reader and spiritual astrologer of 21 years. I'm also a newly certified Reiki energy balancer -though I have been running energy in a second nature way my entire life - and a current student of hypnotherapy and past life regression.

 I believe that knowing what you need to heal yourself is innate. However, in every life there are times along your journey where you can begin to feel you've lost connection to this part of yourself.  These are the times when you can greatly benefit from the insight, tools, and skill of one who can help you facilitate  reconnection with your higher self, your life path, your greatest good.  I am a grounded, earthy, practical channel of information, an energy conduit, and this is what I do. 


Tarot & Astrology Readings


Standard Tarot/ Astrology reading:  

A standard session with me is one hour long. (Though sometimes I go over a smidge if I'm still  "in the flow" when the timer chimes, so it's a good idea to leave some wiggle room in your schedule). The session is 45 minutes of intuitive channeling tarot card reading, then in the last 15 min of the session I discuss with you the current and/or upcoming transits of importance that I've chosen from studying your personal, unique astrological birth chart before your session; I'll explain how to best utilize these transits when they are beneficial, or how to navigate them if they are particularly challenging. These sessions touch deep, can be profoundly therapeutic,  and have a lasting impact.  

Price:  $150 for 1 hour. Sliding scale available to those in need (please contact before you schedule if this is you) Otherwise:  Please schedule online.

1/2 hr session or BFF (Best Friend) Special*:

The 1/2 hour session is a good option if you have just 1  very specific question you want to ask and a full hour would not be fully utilized.  This option involves an "opening" reading -basically an introductory reading that involves the cards telling me who you are and what has been going on in your world for the last 6 months to a year - and then time for your question. HOWEVER, please respect the boundary of my time; when we reach 30 min, our time is up.  

The BFF Special is a good option if you want to have a Bestie Day and the two (maximum of 4) of you come in and each have a mini session.  It is 30 minutes - each person-  of tarot card reading and, depending on how complex your life is at the time, usually has time for 1 -2  questions of your choosing. Even though these are only 30 minutes long and it's a girlfriends' outing and a good time, my reading style is not superficial so please be prepared to have a reading of depth as well as a lot of channeled information.

Price: $75 for 30 minutes each.  Please schedule online


The "What's up, Universe??!!"

Things been happening back to back to back? Need to know when this crappy romantic dry spell might end or why your resumes are getting no play?  Do you just need to know what in the world is going on in your world?  

The W.U.U.  is a 45 minute session designed to help you get some insight into what the planets are doing RIGHT NOW (and up to 6 months out)  in your world.  This is a Transit Chart reading.  I will study how your birthchart is being affected by  where the planets are currently moving (transiting) in the heavens,  what natal planets they may be aspecting and  how that  is probably impacting you, as well as how long that particular energy is likely to last. So basically The W.U.U. is a wham bam thank you ma'am of What/Where/How/When.  Yes, you still must know your TIME of birth in order for me to properly read your transit chart.

Price:  $150 for 1 hour.  Please schedule online.

Natal chart plus transits

I offer Natal and Transit chart readings. You MUST know your Time of birth to schedule this appt.  Chart readings are 90 minutes long and involve an hour of natal chart reading and 1/2 hour discussing current and upcoming transits of importance.  These need to be scheduled at least 2 weeks before you want to come in as natal and aspect chart reading is complex and in depth and I will need time to study your chart to fully prepare for your session. Please let me know in advance if you would like to chart the timing for a specific event; i.e. Surgery/ Travel/Wedding/ Business opening,  so that I can focus my study. 

Price: $200 for 1 1/2 hrs.  Please schedule online.



Have you recently welcomed a brand spanking new spirit into the world? Or are you the proud auntie/grandparent/BFF? This is an excellent gift to give and receive. Maybe you're going through changes with your older child and some insight into their birth chart might prove deeply helpful.   Whatever the circumstance, for one hour we will sit and delve deep into the likely personality traits, strengths to nurture and weakness to be mindful of in the child in your life.

Price: $150 for 1 hour.  Please schedule online.


Please contact me to schedule:

1. Girl's Night In Party - I LOVE these :)  I come to your home (in person or via Skype/FaceTime) and I read for a minimum of 4 a maximum of 10 of your girlfriends. Each guest can choose tarot cards or astrology and receives a 15 min reading. $150 per hour.

2. Events  - I have had the pleasure of working a variety of client event parties:  Nike, Bitch Magazine, Le Bistro Montage Restaurant, Cascade AIDS Project Volunteer Appreciation Party, not to mention weddings, large summer parties, etc to name but just a few. Each party guest receives a 10-15 minute reading.  $150 per hour with a 2 hour minimum and a 4 hour maximum.  

What to expect: 

1.  Please bring a recording device and/or a notepad and pen.  There is  A LOT of information that gets channeled - sometimes rather quickly - and it will be more than you can hold in your head.  The full session will have astrological information for you to google about your chart as well, so you will absolutely have to take notes there.  Also it is just nice to have something to go back over in the months ahead as things start to shift and fall into place. 

2. You will be cleansed with Sage before our session starts.  Please let me know in advance if scent or smoke is an issue for you. 

3.  We will invite our "People" in  (our enlightened ancestors, our protective angels, our spirit guides and our highest self) to assist, protect and ground our energy and prepare for the spiritual work we are about to do.

4. Each Tarot session starts with an "opening" reading.  This 1st reading I lay out allows me to see where you have been and what has been going on with you in the last 6 months to a year of your life.  It shows me what "themes" you've been processing and it allows me to connect with your specific energy and flow with you. When the initial reading is completed, I will put that reading away and will open the table for the specific questions you scheduled your session for.

5. Please come to me with an open mind, an open heart, and open energy.  If you are tight or closed off then you are not ready just yet and we will have a difficult and unproductive session.  If you have a burning question in your mind, please know that WE WILL GET TO IT in our session, I guarantee you,  but you must be open to hearing ALL AREAS and facets of what the cards are telling you or the info I channel for you will be largely wasted and the flow of the session will be strained, blocked and difficult..   

6. I am a warm, humorous, and kind person who is also a straight shooter.  Please know that while your comfort is greatly important to me,  so is the truth and your growth.  I will always speak to you with respect and love and from the heart but I am direct. I have love for each person that sits in the seat next to me for a session. I am your ally. Your cheerleader. I care about your healing, growth and well-being.   It is my intent and desire that you leave our time together feeling loved, seen, and empowered. 

How I do it: 

If you are local, I read for you in person in my office located in North Portland's Kenton neighborhood.

Abroad? I read for clients literally all over the world via Skype. Please first schedule an appointment online. When you've scheduled, please forward me your Skype handle. 


  • In person sessions: No checks or credit cards please. Cash (or Paypal in advance) is preferred.

  • Video sessions (FaceTime/Skype): Payment is made through PayPal only.  Please create/ log in to your Paypal account and send payment to: hello@missreneehealing.com  

For video sessions, payment must be received at least 2 HOURS BEFORE YOUR SESSION.

Sliding scale available to those in need, contact for more info.